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08. 02. 2020 Dion Nelin on fire in Czech league: 40 in 10, run of 18


Article reposted from Kozoom

Author Frits Bakker


PRAGUE - Dion Nelin, Danish best ranked player in the Word ranking, showed his inimitable style during 6th playing weekend in Czech three cushion league. In his match he scored 40 points in 10 innings within 30 minutes. In the second inning Nelin produced a magnificient run of 18. Full concentrated, Nelin overcame the performance of Dick Jaspers and this match is now the best ever played in Czech republic. In January Dick beat Ivo Gazdos 40-5 in 11 innings.

The most important match of this 6th playing weekend was on Saturday, when competition leader team BC Kladno hosted Dion Nelin's team BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov. The score after the first round was 2-2. Home player Stepan Kohout defeated Adam Kozak 40-34 in 43, but Adam Baca was better than German player Markus Schönhoff and won the game 40:30 in 31 innings.

In the second round, Dion Nelin beat Radek Novak by 2 points in 26 innings. Radek had a good chance to finish the game, but he closely missed 39th point. Decisive match was between Martin Bohac and Jan Ales. Czech representatives at upcoming European championhips national teams played a decent match. In the final part, Bohac was better and arranged the overall win for his team BC Vitkov.

On Sunday, Dion Nelin showed up for his one man show in the match against Vladimir Hambalek, husband of Czech best lady Irena Hambalkova. Dion played very fast but with such a great confidence. He produced a great run of 18 in 2nd inning and finished the game in 10th inning. One inning less than his personal record. His oponent scored only 5 points. Dion's average in his games in Czech league is 2,222. He helped a lot to his team in the race for Czech league title. BC Vitkov - Sokol Zizkov has two points advantage now on BC Kladno. But still three matches will be played.

Top 4 ranked teams:

1. BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov 18 points, score 67-21

2. BC Kladno 16, 64-24

3. BC Havirov 15, 58-30

4. BC Poruba 15, 54-34.



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